She wants to slap her cheeks.

Spank, smack, slap buns or butt. She wants to slap her cheeks, directly. Does it hurt? Absolutely no. She likes it as much as drinking some wine before making love. To have best remose from it be gentle please. My hand will not hurt you. It's only a kind of game, love game. After that she always wants to smoke a good cigarette. Like famous actress on moves. Delighted and content. Slowly is getting the fame. She loves to smoke, not only cigarette. Used to says: don't worry - be happy! I like her.

When she's smoking looking fabulous. I feel exciting. She smoking with so big passion and as mildly as you can imagine. Very nice aspect. The smoke flys slowly and smells like teen spirit. She is blonde one. We ware together. I love such a imaginations.

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