She wants to slap her cheeks.

Spank, smack, slap buns or butt. She wants to slap her cheeks, directly. Does it hurt? Absolutely no. She likes it as much as drinking some wine before making love. To have best remose from it be gentle please. My hand will not hurt you. It's only a kind of game, love game. After that she always wants to smoke a good cigarette. Like famous actress on moves. Delighted and content. Slowly is getting the fame. She loves to smoke, not only cigarette. Used to says: don't worry - be happy! I like her.

What the Facebook Insomnia is?

It is a kind of condition. Under Facebook Insomnia afflicted persons deprive themselves of sleep in favor of repeatedly refreshing ones Facebook 'News Feed' in hopes and/or anticipation of a new 'Status Update' or 'Wall Post' from ones friends. Stupid people are siting all day and night at comps or smartphones and are wainting... Waintig for nothing. What king of people they are? HomoLaptopicus.

What Word Goes Well with Audio?

The answers are coming fast. Audio track, audio file, song. But are there only things like mp3s, music, sound or stereo kit? Audio driver - yes, but what it drives? Your audio hardware in your computer or laptop? Driver makes your machine can speak or even sing. But driver is also a person who's driving a vehicle, a car, van or truck. Can you drive a long distance without audio sound in your car? I can't. Drive your world with audio, always.

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